Our Gift to You

Unfortunately it is a fact that we live in a very toxic world.  The choices we make every day effect our health and wellbeing on every level.
At Pureveda it is our strong intention to bring everything we can into the consciousness of our visitors that aids them in making the best choices for their total health and well being.  This includes environmental and behavioural influences and anything else that impacts on their physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  We are much more than a physical body and any illness that affects this physical body has infiltrated our light body long before it reaches the physical.

Modern medicine has no provision for the spiritual aspects of healing. These other bodies are real and need to be understood and healed to prevent serious life threatening physical illness.
We hope we can help you find tools to understand, nurture and heal at the most profound levels. There are many tools, treatments and techniques that are not known in the main stream of society and we would like to shine a bright light on many of these.

Thankyou for your interest in our site and may your environment be clean , clear and inspirational in promoting the greatest health, vitality, inner peace and happiness for all the people you love.