Rose Oil Anxiety Depression Treatment

Rose Oil Healing Pureveda Fragrant Candles for your happiness

Rose oil carries a very high vibration and resonates with the heart and crown chakras. It is very expensive and it takes sixty thousand roses to produce one ounce of oil. The cost works out at roughly five dollars a drop.

Different species of rose have different aromas and healing properties. Rosa damascena or the Bulgarian rose is highly sought after and contains citronellol. Moroccan rose oil or Rosa centifolia is high in phenyl ethanol. Rose oil is sold in many different forms, but the authentic therapeutic grade rose essential oil is made with steam distillation. Rose absolute is extracted with solvents and there are other products sold that are combinations of carrier oils and varying ratios of pure rose oil.

Rose oil is good for ageing skin and conditions like eczema as well as having a stimulating and uplifting effect on the mind. It is anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, a relaxant and aphrodisiac. It is used for relief of anxiety and depression, however these conditions are very serious and it is important to use other healing modalities to get to the root cause of these issues. Some of it’s other uses include relief and treatment of headache, liver congestion,digestive problems, menstrual problems, viral infections and bronchitis/tuberculosis.

Bulgarian Rose Oil  is a marvellous addition to the first aid kit or beauty regime. It is a powerful medicine and can be diluted with another carrier oil when applying directly to the skin.